uKnead Artista L-Line Massage Chair

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L Track

The extended L Track design allows the massage rollers to travel beyond the limits of a conventional massage chair. Rollers are able to reach below one’s derriere and glutes to provide a truly thorough deep tissue massage where no chair has gone before. Allowing a truly unique whole-body massage experience that will leave you feeling completely revitalized both physically and spiritually.

3 Stage Zero Gravity

Zero gravity reclining places the human body in the most ergonomically correct position possible. In this particular torso-to-leg reclining angle of 128+-7, gravitational stress placed on the human body is alleviated, allowing for a far more effective resting position than lying down perpendicularly on a bed. Through elevating the lower body above the torso, improved circulation in the lower body is promoted and swelling reduced. Resting in this position alleviates stress from the lumbar area through the transfer of body weight into the chair, aiding in muscle relaxation and facilitating the massage experience for a thorough rejuvenation. The Artista is equipped with a 3 stage Zero Gravity reclining, so the user can select the most comfortable stage according to his or her preference.


Deep Tissue Massage / Neck and Shoulder Coverage

Through body shape detection, the chair learns where your shoulders are and focuses on performing detailed massage at this particular region. Compared to the coverage of conventional massage chairs, the Artista is designed to provide detailed, human-like massage at the neck and shoulder area, and focuses on slowly kneading away the tight muscles and knots in the shoulders, as well as provide a strong deep tissue neck massage for an immense refreshment.


Foot Rollers

Invigorating shiatsu massage rollers placed strategically in the soles provide an amazing foot massage experience by relaxing tired feet. The rollers embrace and stimulate reflexology zones in the feet for a truly head-to-toe massage therapy.


Calf Rollers

Kneading massage in the calves offer maximum relaxation of sore legs.


Back Heating

Soothing heat caresses the back, facilitating effectiveness of the massage therapy, and keeps you toasty during cold nights.


Full Body Air Massage

Air cells placed strategically in the arms, legs, and feet gently caress the body through rhythmic patterns. Combined with invigorating calf and feet rollers, you will feel like half a dozen professional masseuses are catering to your comfort.


Stretch Program

The stretching function is also referred to as the “spinal decompression” program. With vigorous air cells pinning your body in place, the chair moves in a carefully calculated routine, and slowly stretches out the leg and back muscles for an amazing experience.

4 Auto Programs

Four different programs cater to different needs, all programmed with a one touch start, for a head-to-toe all inclusive program.

3 Manual Techniques:

kneading, tapping, combo – specific target massage – uniquely shaped massage rollers perform targeted massage at precise acupressure points throughout the back, creating a powerful deep tissue massage. Or limit the massage to a particular area for a wider coverage.