uKnead Lohas UK-7300 - Innovative SL Track, Zero G, Luxury Air Pressure

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The Lohas UK-7300 massage chair is one of its kind when it comes to luxurious design and dynamic performance. This chair will blow you away with its 4 creative automatic programs, useful manual adjustment potential and cocoon-style air pressure massage. The Lohas is equipped with body scanning technology designed to form to personal body build in order to deliver a detailed, effective and relaxing massage experience. With intense foot rollers, calf kneading and rollers working from the glutes to the head, the Lohas provides total body rejuvenation and zero gravity positioning, allowing the body to rest in the most ergonomically-correct reclining position for human beings. The Lohas’s modern look and sophisticated technology guarantees the full therapeutic massage experience from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Modern design and sophisticated colour options
  • SL Track design
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • 4 Automatic modes
  • Air pressure massage
  • Fixed spot massage
  • Heating function
  • Manual programming
  • Intense foot rollers
  • Kneading calf massage
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • LCD screen display


The Lohas incorporates a zero-gravity positioning feature which, defined by NASA, aligns the human body in the most ergonomically-correct position, reclining at an angle of 128 ±7 ° where gravitational stress is relieved, allowing the body to achieve maximal relaxation. Zero gravity recline simulates the feeling of weightlessness. With gravitational stress relieved, the somatological design of zero gravity massage chairs takes pressure off the spine and ribcage, placing the back in full contact with the chair’s backrest to allow the full force of the chair’s massage routine to take effect. As the ultimate relaxation position, zero gravity elevates the feet above the heart to raise blood oxygen levels, and improve circulation. While extended in this position, users naturally relax as they feel the stiffness of their muscles fall away in zero gravity.


The Lohas is designed to deliver ultimate comfort and a natural fit between user and massage program by positioning airbags and rollers along the natural curvature of the spine. The SL-track design, distributes relaxation with the extended stroke length of the L-track, reaching from the head to the thighs, while the S track focusses the rollers along the curvature of the spine. Together, the SL track system mimics the experience of professional massage with its unique ability to provide detailed pressure and rhythm. The SL-track maintains the same level of relaxation as traditional therapeutic massage because it ensures personalized attunement between the user’s actual body shape and the massage rollers as they’re activated.


The Lohas massages in correspondence to the needs of the individual user. This chair uses body-scanning technology to learn where the contours of the shoulders, arms, hips, calves and feet are located in order to center the massage program in relation to these details. Aided by advanced massage robotics, the Lohas adapts to different human bodies through body shape detection. This feature then guides rollers and airbags to effectively eliminate tightness and knots from muscles in the neck and shoulder areas. In addition, the Lohas is equipped with a heating function for the lumbar area, improving circulation and promoting deep relaxation.


Full air pressure massage operates along the arms, hips, shoulders, back, glutes, calves and feet as air bag massagers anticipate the body’s form with shape-detection technology to accurately address soreness and tension. Air pressure massage is a new treatment modality which uses large air bags to compress and decompress around the body, massaging the skin and muscle and enhancing blood circulation. Air bags enclose the shoulders, calves and hips, cushioning you in rhythmic pressure, gently easing sore muscles. When combined with zero gravity positioning, air pressure massage can improve the circulation of blood to the extent that the user’s metabolism is boosted and swelling in the lower body is reduced. The dynamic capacity of air pressure massage effortlessly mimics the hands of a masseuse and guarantees comparable therapeutic benefits.


The Lohas' 4 automatic programs sync together the various massage techniques (kneading, shiatsu, rolling or tapping) in creative and rejuvenating combinations and rhythms in order to fully address the complex tensions of the body. Each program differs in style and intensity and operates with the chair positioning you in the best position for that particular program. For example, automatic mode 4 will position you at zero gravity and back to sitting as the program unfolds, producing a rocking motion that naturally places your entire body at ease. The Lohas' body detection technology initializes the massage by first adjusting to the contours of your body before starting the program. All of this ensures you will experience a dynamic and restorative massage to renew your energy levels and reduce the tensions held in your muscles.


In addition to intense foot rollers, the Lohas integrates soothing kneading calf rollers into the overall massage experience. Combining the humanistic grabbing and stroking motion along the calves, this chair alleviates tensions in the legs with precision and care. Altogether, the Lohas guarantees total body alleviation, from head to toe.


Adjustable leg rests give you the option of targeted massage along the calves or if you choose, lift the leg rest up slightly to enjoy a gentle, restorative massage around the knees. This rare feature gives you the freedom to address specific points of tension stored within the legs by altering the position of the leg rest and using a focused kneading massage technique throughout the lower legs.


One of the many manual options available for the Lohas is the fixed spot massage. This feature allows users to adjust the position, width and intensity of rollers and select a massage technique to address specific or persistent pain in the body. Manual techniques include kneading, tapping, dual, shiatsu and rolling. In addition, the back, waist, seat, whole body or combination of these areas can be selected for fixed spot massage. The spot massage option is essential for addressing particular areas of soreness that persist and feel hard to relieve.


The Lohas is unlike any other massage chair in terms of creative and cutting edge design. This chair combines futuristic appeal with the image of luxurious comfort and will inspire awe as it makes an impression in any room. With durable synthetic leather covering the chair, the Lohas will outlast most furniture and decoration in style and in substance.


The Lohas' LCD display remote is easy to navigate and intuitive to use. This remote displays air intensity level, massage roller width, the location of massage rollers and which airbags are active. As you watch the screen locate the rollers on your back and identify the technique being used, you may choose to apply heat, fixed spot massage or zero gravity to your massage with the touch of a button! As well, notice the time remaining in current massage program and pause the massage program if necessary. With simple manual adjustments available, the Lohas will impress you with an effortless relaxation experience.



UK-7300 Lohas
Intensity Level 8/10

Automatic Programs

Manual Massage Modes 3
Manual Massage Techniques Shiatsu, tapping, knocking, kneading
Targeted Massage Whole, partial, fixed spot
Roller Width Wide, medium, narrow
Massage Speed 3 levels
Lower Body Massage Air compression + calf roller + foot roller
Air Compression Massage Shoulder, waist, arm, calf, foot
Air Compression Level 3 levels
Stretch Mode Yes
Languages English
Bluetooth Connection No
Massage Track Type SL-Track
Body Detection Yes
Zero-Gravity Recline Yes
Legrest Extension Manual
Calf Kneading Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Heating Back
Upright Dimensions 48"L x 28"W x 47"H
Reclined Dimensions 64"L x 28"W x 43"H
Product Weight 250 lbs
Voltage 120V - 60Hz
Power Consumption 230W
Shipping 1 Box